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Customized Training

Forest Teacher Institute / Customized Training

Design Your Own Group Training Session

Choose the topics you wish to study and the time frame for training. Fees and schedule will be determined after consultation.

Forest Kindergarten/Forest School Teaching

  1. Understanding and incorporating constructivism in early childhood nature-based learning
  2. Learning how to use rituals, silence and stories to enrich forest kindergarten
  3. Understanding basic principles of child development and how this knowledge impacts FK teaching and learning.
  4. Designing seasonally-based lessons and curriculum/backwards lesson planning
  5. Planning effective and engaging parent communication and involvement opportunities.
  6. Developing competency in assessing and facilitating risk-taking
  7. Teaching Practicum: Documented with faculty onsite visit and/or videos

Curriculum Development FK/FS

  1. Seasonally-based curriculum
  2. Student-directed (constructivist) curriculum
  3. Place-based curriculum
  4. Inquiry-based curriculum
  5. Project-based curriculum
  6. STEM and STEAM connections
  7. Creating a curriculum framework for the individual teaching venue

Conducting and Understanding FS Research

  1. Creating and using appropriate assessment tools
  2. Understanding data collection strategies
  3. Conducting and reporting action research studies
  4. Understanding basic principles and stages of Child Development
  5. Understanding and identifying character strengths, physical, emotional and social development in Forest Kindergarten

Effective Naturalist

  1. Developing confidence using naturalist skills in Forest School teaching
  2. Understanding current environmental issues and how to introduce sustainable practice to children.
  3. Developing activities that help children increase their deep connection with nature

Forest School Leadership

  1. Developing strong advocacy strategies and tools
  2. Fundamentals of building a FS program
    1. Integrating into Public school
    2. Integrating into Private school
    3. Creating a stand-alone program
    4. Creating a business plan and annual budget
  3. Planning and directing a marketing program
  4. Creating a funding and development plan
  5. Developing and implementing program and staff assessment
  6. Conducting a site survey and assessment
  7. Site development
  8. Leadership Practicum: Documented with faculty onsite visit and/or videos


Forest Kindergartens are spreading rapidly throughout the South. Since 2015 Dr. Lomino has trained teachers from across the region, many of whom have gone back to their schools to implement Forest School philosophy in established programs, and others have established their own stand-alone programs. This new study tour will include first-hand visits to several of these schools within a 200-mile radius of Chattanooga, TN. Fees and schedules can be arranged by contacting: jean@forestteacher.org.