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Forest School Educator

Forest Teacher Institute / Forest School Educator

Length of Training: 4 days (30 hours)


1) To build a deeper understanding of FS philosophy

2) Through practice, develop competency as a FS teacher

Session Provides:

  • 6 hours—observation at two local FS programs
  • 12 hours—debrief and class discussion
  • 5 hours—guided teaching practicum
  • 6 hours—naturalist training


Completion of Level 1 Training; or participant provides documentation for partial completion of Level 1 competencies

Participant Receives:

  • Certificate—Level 2: Forest School/Forest Kindergarten Educator
  • Completion of two competencies: Effective Facilitator and Effective Naturalist

Effective Facilitator

  1. Actively demonstrates understanding and use of FS teaching strategies
  2. Using Rituals, Silence and Stories for Forest School
  3. Understands and incorporates inquiry-based learning
  4. Assessing and facilitating risk taking

Effective Naturalist

      1) Incorporating naturalist skills in Forest School teaching

      2) Understanding current environmental issues and how to introduce sustainable practice to children.

      3) Understanding and demonstrating the deep connections between people and nature

Fee: $1000 per participant

Upcoming Training Dates: 

  • Level 2: FS Teacher
    • September 9th – 12th
    • November 4th – 7th
    • December 2nd – 5th
    • March 2nd – 5th
    • April 13th – 16th


For applicable discounts and group rates, email info@forestteacher.org.

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