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Forest School Leader

Forest Teacher Institute / Forest School Leader

Length of Training: 5 days (50 hours)

*(In-house Training: all participants lodge together and participate in extended group projects)


  • To acquire skills and knowledge base to become a FS advocate
  • To be a competent leader in developing and implementing FS programs in public and private schools

Session Provides:

  • Visits to several regional schools that have FS programs
  • Roundtable discussions with local administrators, teachers and leaders
  • Debrief and reflection
  • Extended group projects working on case studies, proposal and presentation development and other activities
  • Individual consultations with faculty and mentors
  • Nature Inspiration sessions

Prerequisite:  Degree in Education or related field

Participant Receives:  Certificate “Forest School Leader”

Competencies Completed:

Active Change Agent

    • Planning a Forest School Program
    • Advocating for FS: articulating your vision for FS education (What are the benefits? How does it work? What are the teaching strategies?)

Dynamic Organizer

    • Creating a Business Plan and Annual Budget
    • Site Survey and Conceptual Map
    • Planning and directing marketing and development

Competent Manager

    • Program and staff assessment
    • Creating a funding and development plan
    • Developing effective communication strategies with parents and other stakeholders

Fee:  $1600 (includes 5 days: lodging, transportation and food)

Upcoming Training Dates:  5/6-10


For applicable discounts and group rates, email info@forestteacher.org.

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